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Welcome to PT. Sinar Utama Nusantara, member of DENYA GROUP
DENYA GROUP based in Medan, North of Sumatra is most innovative and efficient manufacturers of PVC and HDPE pipes. We are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the reliable & reputed business organization, with tons of industrial experience.

Being operative in this field since 2003, we have carved a niche by ensuring that we always upgrade our range of product in terms of competent technology. We’ve always emphasized on the quality and the performance of our industrial highlight which is primary feature of our organization.

Furthermore, we not only offer the widest and most comprehensive range of plastic products in Indonesia, but is also a market leader in the field of PVC Pipes & Fittings and has established its reputation for product excellence and quality standards.

We has latest machinery with professional skills* . Using leveraging high end technology providing our high quality products range to withstand diverse environments. In fact, proven that generally our ex-worker or ex-staff will be the star player in other company. (Proudly shout out by our management system)*.

Our Vision

We face the future with strength, confidence and a commitment to being a great business partner. Likewise we will continue to manufacture the high quality and most cost-effective products.

As we will continue to launch new products to maximize performance and minimize costs – by optimize water and energy consumption and provide our customers with Top Class care.

Likewise to scale new peaks in excellence in manufacturing of ISO/SNI, JIS and Telecom Standard and become a world leader, We provide world class quality products to our customers through continuous up gradation and innovation.

Most noteworthy is to create lasting relationships with our Customers, Dealers and other stake holders.

Our Mission

First of all is a commitment to excel and deliver consistently to all our customers without compromising on the Quality. To be a first rate profitable company with best industry practices and conducive work atmosphere.

Furthermore we are devoted to our customers’ satisfaction. Our mission is to create Eco-friendly seems like water-saving, reliable and cost-effective product together to help you maximize well-being and that of the world around you.

Above all is to be one of the Global Player in piping products and to diversify into newer markets with more products. Building excellent rapport with existing and new customers with consistent supply of quality products and practices.

Company History

Seeing the potential and the needs of the public  and importance of the supplies of clean water, Mr. So, with the help of colleagues set up an extrusion company located in the Padang Bulan. As time passes, the company, PT. Sinar Utama Nusantara, passes all the grief and grows rapidly till today.

recycle pipes


Before known as PT. Sinar Utama Nusantara, our history started from a simple extrusion company with “CV. Fuji Jaya”, producing recycle PVC pipe and standard uPVC pipe with no brand just to fulfill demand for public.

warehouse outdoor


Due to demand for the product is higher and higher within time, the company start to aim higher and make an investment in a bare land in batangkuis, Deli Serdang and build a warehouse, upgrade the company name to PT. Sinar Utama Nusantara and finally owned a registered brand “DENYA”.

white pvc pipe


Within time, all the installation and development has been running perfectly, the company produces pipe products by being a pioneer of white uPVC pipe under the name of PT.Sinar Utama Nusantara

sni certificate


This year, PT. Sinar Utama Nusantara has obtained SNI certificate from LsPro, recognized by the Indonesian government. As a results, the company starts the production of uPVC pipes with SNI standard in two types of joint which known as Rubber Ring Joint (RRJ) and Solvent Cement Joint (SCJ).

pvc rrj denya


PT. Sinar Utama Nusantara Technically become a pioneer in uPVC pipe product. The company introduce a double layer Rubber Ring Joint. This technology invented and produce only in two country, Malaysia and Germany.

hdpe pipe denya


As the company vision and mission to always be at the forefront, PT. Sinar Utama Nusantara take a new step and being a pioneer in producing HDPE pipe.

compression fitting hdpe


As a leading company in HDPE pipe product, PT. Sinar Utama Nusantara become a pioneer again in the hdpe field by being the first distributor to introduce and sell hdpe fittings.

ppr pipe denya


PT. Sinar Utama Nusantara cooperate with a leading companies in China, introduce and distributes PPR pipe products and its fittings in North Sumatra.



Stick on the mission to lead in the pipe extrusion technology, PT. Sinar Utama Nusantara cooperates with Spain company “MOLECOR” developing a modification technology of uPVC product structure known as PVC-o.

pvc-o denya


PT. Sinar Utama Nusantara pioneered, developed and used the latest technology in the world of plastic extrusion to the Indonesian people in pvc-o products. Currently still in development progress and installation preparation with an investment of approximately 71 billion rupiah.

Board Of Directors

Here is an outline of the most important board of directors in PT. Sinar Utama Nusantara who have a big part in the development of the industry from the beginning of the company stand up to grow rapidly until today.

Mr. So


David So

Marketing Director

Hendra So

Managing Director