all component of DENYA greeting you “Happy Chinese New year 2019”


Happy Chinese New Year 2019

Chinese New Year 2019 nearly comes.. The year of pig while pig is the twelfth of all zodiac elements. Pig is the symbol of wealth. The chubby faces and big ears is the sign of fortune as well.

All component of us greeting you
Happy Chinese New Year 2019
xīn nián kuài lè

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Happy Chinese New year 2019

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Happy Chinese New Year.

PVC Pipe furniture


PVC Pipe furniture creativity

PVC pipe furniture is one of our way to release stress and express our-self. There is a lot of things to do to avoid the PVC pipe waste or maybe for creativity or art and even just for fun.

Herewith we show you few of our staff work in our office. For us, PVC furniture design is another world of creativity using the PVC pipe and HDPE pipe material.

Here is our ready made pvc pipe project.

PVC Cabinet – PVC pipe furniture
We use the square recycled pvc pipe material to build this cabinet. Awesome design and handwork from DENYA staff.

denya pvc pipe cabinet


Shoe rack – PVC pipe furniture
This is a common and simple design to tidy up our staff shoes.

rak sepatu dari pipa pvc denya







Long bench – PVC pipe furniture
We build a bench from the waste of our pipe production department. We do in many type. Here is one of it. You are welcome to see the art at our office. This pvc pipe furniture can hold more than 500 kgs weight.

bangku panjang dari pipa pvc denya


Ashtray – PVC pipe furniture
A various model of ashtray made from the pvc and hdpe pipe. We made it orange color from our sewage pvc pipe for our client convenience.


PVC Ceiling – PVC pipe furniture
To be honest, pvc pipe ceiling cost more than the general ceiling material such as gypsum or plywood. Our main target is only for art at this moment so we decided to build it. The advantages is more to avoid heat and lifetime of the ceiling itself. If you see carefully, you will find the pole are made from 12″ pvc pipe.

pvc pipe furniture ceiling


Flower decoration vase – PVC pipe furniture
This one is one of the favourite pvc pipe furniture. Made from half cut of large diameter pipe class D and combine with the 32mm pvc pipe AW. This can hold very much stone and soil.

We also have a lot of PVC pipe furniture idea and product made from the pvc pipe such as pvc light, pvc hydroponic system and much more. In time, we will describe and post as information on our blog and we wish this can useful for you.

We also have some useful hdpe pipe furniture at our workshop. You are welcome anytime to visit us.
Find another creative PVC pipe furniture on our unofficial blog.

PT. Sinar Utama Nusantara

How to choose a good pipe product


How to choose a good pipe product?

Choosing the good pipe for your needs is a simply but most important thing before you make any pipe purchases because this can prevent you from leakage problems and repetitive work with extra cost in the future.

First of all we are giving you basic guideline for you to choose a good pipe product.

1. Well-known brands and the manufacturers background

Choosing a well-known brand is one of the requirement to choose a good pipe product is a must.
Most noteworthy, not all popular brand is producing a good product since nowadays price focus product is more popular than the good product. Take your time googling around while accompanied with coffee to find out information about the product manufacturer.

Certainly, Here is the general characteristic of a good pipe manufacture:

  • Clear and detail address
  • Good after-sales service (only manufacturer with a good pipe product giving after-sales warranty).
  • Long history and experience (approximately 6 – 8 years)
  • Own a focus brand and primary product
  • Have a complex organizational structure

2. Product certificate and Quality management certificate

Furthermore, make sure the manufacture have product certificate and the Quality assurance management system.

  • Certificate of product from local government instance.
    Certainly, Indonesia country using SNI standard as a basic reference of quality products. If a product using SNI logo means it has been legally tested for it’s quality and is under the supervision of the product certification instance (LsPro) Indonesia.
  • Even more, there is a Quality Management System (ISO).
    The existence of an ISO certificate similarly indicates that the pipe manufacturer is focusing on the quality of its products.

Denya nowadays is one of manufacturer who producing a best quality pipe product and fulfilled both of above requirements written.

good pipe - denya logo


uPVC, PPR, HDPE Pipe Manufacturer in Medan, North Sumatera – Indonesia


Above all, Make your own choices and never make decisions based on other people’s opinions and we wish this article is useful for you to choose a good pipe product. For your knowledge, please also read about hdpe pipe weakness.

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PVC pipe grade: White vs Grey


PVC pipe grade: white and gray PVC pipe, which one better?

pvc pipe grade

If you think gray is better, then you are wrong. But if you think white is better, you are not right either. Then which one? The answer is dependent on the manufacturer and the commitment of the pipe manufacturer itself. PVC pipe grade is not depends on its color.

In detail I will explain the meaning of my statement above. As a businessman and Managing Director of one of the leading PVC pipe manufacture in Indonesia I just want to share one of the myths about PVC pipe grade comparison between white and gray PVC pipe.

in general, a quality PVC pipe is PVC pipe with ideal composition. Ideal in the sense of the word contains PVC (poly vinyl chloride) in large quantities, about 80% -95% of the total mixture of the material and the rest is filler and addictive. I will explain about the addictive for PVC in other posts. The more filler the pipe, the lower the quality results.

To determine the color of the pipe, we simply use the color pigment. The color pigment itself is included in one component of what we call addictive. Color pigment has only a very small effect under 5% of the total composition of materials used in processing PVC pipe products. It did not affect the PVC pipe grade.

PVC gray pipe commonly in the processes is mixed with recycled PVC materials because the material will not be visible in gray. In this case, recycled materials can not be mixed on white PVC pipe cause it will damage the whiteness of the pipe. The percentage is depend on the company itself.

The more the recycle material used, the more it decreases the quality of the pipe. This is one reason people think that PVC gray pipe quality is worse than white PVC pipe.

However, that opinion is not always true because in white PVC pipe we can easily add white filler into the material of  PVC white pipe product. You will never find out the difference visually.

We can concluded that the actual PVC pipe grade does not depend on the color, but it depend on the composition of the PVC pipe product examine by the manufacturer of the PVC pipe. They are the one who decide the PVC pipe grade.

For example:
PVC pipe factory Denya produces PVC pipe with two common colors i.e gray and white, with each color having two different product categories.
You can choose between:
– a super-quality white PVC pipe, or a white color with a normal quality on good price and a super-quality gray PVC pipe
– or a gray color with a normal quality on a good price as well.

In the conclusion, we cannot simply judge PVC pipe grade by the color.

Thank you for your time and visit on our site.


Hendra So – Managing director of PT. Sinar Utama Nusantara

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all component of DENYA greeting you “Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1439H”

Selamat Hari Raya

every year, due to the Hari Raya, Indonesian Muslims undergo a month full of exams by fasting, cleansing the soul and mind. Hence, Day after day passed we live patiently, with hungry stomach and continue to hold lust. What a tough day. Finally, Today, one full month after the exam is over,  The day of victory came.

All of us greeting you
“Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1439H”

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Get a special discount on this blessed month. Promo is valid for one full month for certain products. the terms and conditions of the discount apply to certain product products and are marked exclusively. Contact us for promotional information. Once again we wish you a celebration of Idul Fitri 1439H.