Consultation and pipe installation services

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We provide professional consulting and pipe installation services which are handled directly by professionals and trained staff and experienced in their field. We give priority to the quality and satisfaction of our colleagues. Give us trust and we provide you satisfactory results. Click here to see some of our project references.

Consultation and pipe installation services


At very first before pipe installation happens, we need to get every details about the site, the pipe function, material flows and the habitat of the site to make sure everything is fine and to calculate the possibility and estimate the cost of the project. Of course we will guide you to take the best choice. We know how to install a good pipeline and money saving system. 🙂 We will maximize your saving and profits with our products to meet your requirement.

Calculation and Quotation

We calculating and suggesting all the preparation needed for your pipe installation project. Site visit is conditional. We do all the calculation and return to you with the best solution and best price quotation. Sometimes we come with other optional way to make your goal more easier if possible.

Confirmation and payment

At this step, pipe installation things are all set and need your confirmation. We will submit all the final information and plan for you. Once confirm, you need to sign our quotation and agreement if needed. This is to make sure everything will run proper to achieve the goal together.

For your references, please visit our e-store before purchase any item to make sure you are on the right track.

Production process and delivery

You are all set. We do the rest pipe installation work for you. Relax and we put all the things to the production department and report you timetable for delivery. We will report you all the condition start from production, transportation and delivery to site (if including in the project). While in the project, we give you progress report (photos, documentation and report) till your project is succeed. You can contact us anytime to track your project progress.

After Sales Services

We give a warranty for all our pipe installation works. Warranty basically last for three months. You can request for longer time warranty but approval is depend on the condition. You may also request for annually care services from us with special price.