Project Detail

This 500mm hdpe pipe project is to replace previous leakage local hdpe pipe manufacture product. This project is belong to PDAM Tirtanadi at Komplek Cemara, Medan. Our pipe installation services come with a perfect results. It doesn’t need long time for our team to finish the problem. We get extra pipe installation job after this.

Our standard quality construction

We don’t want to do useless job to replace a fragile HDPE pipe with the same quality things. So, we replace and do some new installation to make everything faster and cost saving. We use our HDPE repair saddle to fix some of the leakage. Our principle is to make sure every of our work done perfectly in every area. We are providing perfect pipe, worry-free installation services with satisfactory results. All of our joint is under ISO standard and so do the pipe product come with ISO and SNI standard.

  • Premium material PE-100 applied to the HDPE pipe
  • Special joint applied to the HDPE pipe
  • Each pipe come with stubflange joint on both end of pipe

Client : subcon CV. Mitra Sejati Abadi

Location : Medan, Sumatera Utara

Area :

Finished On : September 17, 2016

Value : $$$

Remarks : The project was completed under the budget, with the savings returned to the owner.


We visit the site while the producing is on going. Here we need to do some digging work to take out the leakage HDPE pipe. As time goes by, as the pipe produced, we send directly to the site and start to do the replacement. We need to connect the 500mm with stubflange joint type on each end of the pipe to save the installation time since the project need to be done very fast. The site is inside Komplek Cemara residential place. This pipe is belong to PDAM Tirtanadi and it is one part of the main pipeline.


The Challenges

Everything need to be replaced fast since this is part of main pipeline in Medan City and the site is inside the Komplek Cemara Residential area. We are not allowed for any mistake or half of the city will got no clean water at a moment till the pipe is replaced. There are so many leakage happened on the previous pipe.


Project Goals

Replacing the leakage hdpe pipe buried in 2 meter depth. We have to do all the digging process and then replace it with the new one from us.