Project Detail

400mm diameter HDPE pipe installation project with custom joint which can be disassembled and reassembly for the purpose of being moved. HDPE Pipes are used to suck and move sand around the harbor beach. Sand removal aims to enable coal vessels to lean against the port well for loading and unloading coal mining materials.

Our Product Quality Standard

Quality Management system: ISO 9001:2015
Product standard: HDPE pipe SNI 4829.2:2015
Material standard: HDPE #1 Premium material applied
Note: Hardened pipe with special formulation for more resistant to friction.

denya saddle
required tools
  • Premium material PE-100 applied to the HDPE pipe
  • HDPE Pipe come with special formulation to make it more resistance to friction.
  • Special joint applied to the HDPE pipe
  • Each pipe come with customized length @10 meter length pipes

Client : PT. Horas Engineering

Location : Nagan Raya, Meulaboh

Area : Coal mining port

Finished On : Continuous Project

Value : $$$

Remarks : The project was completed under the budget, with the savings returned to the owner.


a Continuous project

The Challenges

Focus on the joint quality and product quality itself. Since pipe’s use to suck the sand and water, there will be a very much friction. HDPE is need to last for atleast 5 years usage. pipes can be disassembled.

Project Goals

A long life product formulation to save the project cost. Denya HDPE pipe proven for many years to suck the water and sand altogether. The joint also show a perfect performance although it is very often adjusted and overhaul by the project owner to move from one to another part of their project.