Industrial grade high quality glue designed for heavy duty and large diameter size of pipe. Just remember to clean up the surface before you apply the glue to your pipes and fittings.  


Universal Repair Saddle

Our Repair saddle products come to solve almost all of your (HDPE, PVC, PPR, Iron) pipe leaking problem. Easy installation and time saver product. Clamp, tighten bolt and nut and problem solved. Product pressure holding up to 20 bar.


PVC Seal Tape

Everyone needs of this industrial grade seal tape. Easy to use and prevent leaking more area than others. Come with jumbo sizes. Details please download our brochure.



DENYA PPR (polypropylene random copolymer) specially designed with the best material for hot and cold water appliance. Highly resistance to chemical, very light and of course hygienic for daily supply of water use.


PVC SNI Sewage / Limbah

Come with easy installation rubber ring joint, recycle-able material even friendly price make our product popular in it's class. Manufacturer with three layer quality control and base on ISO and SNI standard. Download for details.



We manufacture premium quality HDPE pipes, which are widely used in metropolitan, underwater, mining, landfill gas extraction, municipal, industrial, cable duct, gas oil, mining & water utility and agricultural applications.


HDPE Welding Machine & Equipment

Find various of HDPE and PPR pipe welding machine here. We produce and supplies high quality machine to support your work. Brochure included the pipe work equipment (pipe cutter,etc).



Find out more about our premium PVC JIS and SNI type of pipe and fittings product. Manufactured and distributed under PT. Sinar Utama Nusantara. Detail of specification included in our brochure.
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