Tutorial and training hdpe welding machine


HDPE welding machines introduction, tutorial and training

PT Sinar Utama Nusantara provides training services on how to use HDPE welding machines for all our customers. Here is an example of the implementation of training in the use of HDPE welding machines at the location of the pipe factory.

Tutorial and training HDPE welding machines
You can register and schedule reservations at our sales admin. The sales admin will coordinate with our engineering section to then organize and provide a training schedule for you and your employees.

You will get a welding machine training certificate from us after the training is complete.

Certainly, registration and booking training schedules are free. The training is entitled to you if you are our customer who has shopped and paid off all transaction administration.
Please read the advance HDPE pipe joint with other material on HDPE pipe universal joint pages.


How to join HDPE Pipe with all kind of pipe material using universal joint


Universal Joint

There are so many way to join the HDPE pipe we can find out on the internet. But when we discuss in more detail about how to do joint with other kind of pipe material, we found that very seldom people discuss about it. As our client frequently ask question, herewith we discuss about universal joint,the way to join HDPE pipe with almost all kind of pipe material.

Commonly there are so many kind to join the HDPE pipe, but since today we founf that only two popular way to do HDPE pipe to other pipe material join. Other pipe material here means kind of PVC pipe, PPR pipe, Steel pipe, Galvanize pipe and some more.

Here is the two popular kind of universal joint:

  • Stub Flange joint
  • Thread joint


Stubflange joint

denya hdpe stubflange

Stubflange joint means flange to flange joint. Using stub end as the flange holder then bolt and nut to lock the joint. Kind of simple joint and very strong joint. Provide stub flange to each end of the pipe. Remember to insert a gasket or rubber packing between the joint before tighten the bolt and nut.

Required: HDPE welding machine, HDPE Stub end, Flange (any material).

This universal joint generally use to join the larger HDPE pipe.(Diameter 160mm up diameter).


Note that there is a one more universal joint called Flange adaptor but sadly this product only cover up to pipe 110mm diameter and below.

denya flange adaptor

Thread joint

universal joint thread joint (1)

HDPE male adaptor – PVC female adaptor

Thread joint is a kind of universal joint which more easier to joint than stubflange joint. Using the PP compression adaptor fitting (both male and female thread adaptor),  We can easily join the HDPE pipe with other pipe material.

Required: Strap belt, PP compression fitting (male or female thread adaptor), PTFE seal tape

People usually use this universal joint for pipe with diameter 110mm and below.



Good news there is an advantage for both of the universal joint. We can easily unlock the joint and re-join it many time.

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HDPE Pipe VS PVC Pipe, Which one better?


HDPE Pipe VS PVC Pipe is almost everyone’s question in mind when we talk about pipeline installation.

Today we will describe the general character between HDPE pipe and PVC pipe. We post a video which look pretty cute animation about two pipe fighting on the ring. After watching the video we hope that you can understand the different between HDPE Pipe VS PVC pipe. Enjoy and educated!!

PT. Prima Optimasi Indonesia collaborate with PT. Sinar Utama Nusantara making this short video for everybody as an education entertainment. Please enjoy the video.

The main character of HDPE pipe:HDPE Pipe VS PVC pipe

  • light weight (floating on water)
  • easy installation
  • corrosion free
  • elastic
  • raw material is from natural oil

The main character of PVC pipe:

  • cheap
  • easy installation
  • More UV resistant
  • made for pressure water

Click here for the video link.

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PVC Pipe furniture


PVC Pipe furniture creativity

PVC pipe furniture is one of our way to release stress and express our-self. There is a lot of things to do to avoid the PVC pipe waste or maybe for creativity or art and even just for fun.

Herewith we show you few of our staff work in our office. For us, PVC furniture design is another world of creativity using the PVC pipe and HDPE pipe material.

Here is our ready made pvc pipe project.

PVC Cabinet – PVC pipe furniture
We use the square recycled pvc pipe material to build this cabinet. Awesome design and handwork from DENYA staff.

denya pvc pipe cabinet


Shoe rack – PVC pipe furniture
This is a common and simple design to tidy up our staff shoes.

rak sepatu dari pipa pvc denya







Long bench – PVC pipe furniture
We build a bench from the waste of our pipe production department. We do in many type. Here is one of it. You are welcome to see the art at our office. This pvc pipe furniture can hold more than 500 kgs weight.

bangku panjang dari pipa pvc denya


Ashtray – PVC pipe furniture
A various model of ashtray made from the pvc and hdpe pipe. We made it orange color from our sewage pvc pipe for our client convenience.


PVC Ceiling – PVC pipe furniture
To be honest, pvc pipe ceiling cost more than the general ceiling material such as gypsum or plywood. Our main target is only for art at this moment so we decided to build it. The advantages is more to avoid heat and lifetime of the ceiling itself. If you see carefully, you will find the pole are made from 12″ pvc pipe.

pvc pipe furniture ceiling


Flower decoration vase – PVC pipe furniture
This one is one of the favourite pvc pipe furniture. Made from half cut of large diameter pipe class D and combine with the 32mm pvc pipe AW. This can hold very much stone and soil.

We also have a lot of PVC pipe furniture idea and product made from the pvc pipe such as pvc light, pvc hydroponic system and much more. In time, we will describe and post as information on our blog and we wish this can useful for you.

We also have some useful hdpe pipe furniture at our workshop. You are welcome anytime to visit us.
Find another creative PVC pipe furniture on our unofficial blog.

PT. Sinar Utama Nusantara

hdpe pipe weakness sample

HDPE Pipe weakness


HDPE Pipe weakness review and how to avoid and repair easily

All of us know that HDPE Pipe is known as a very strong and superior compared to other pipes. Almost nobody giving you information and review about critical point of HDPE pipe weakness. Here we review it for you. These HDPE Pipe weaknesses are:

  • intense exposure to UV light
    the plastic material will be lost in the UV rays from the sun.
  • not for sewage
    since this is one of the hdpe pipe weakness point, the pipe lifetime will never maximal if you use .
  • doesn’t stand high heat

Since 2006, people starts to experiment using HDPE pipe to substitute the iron /steel pipeline to dispose the palm oil waste. HDPE pipes quickly transformed into favorites and get a lot of attention from the palm oil manufacturer rather than uPVC pipe, PPR pipe and other piping product.

Nowadays HDPE Pipe is popular used as a pipeline to flow the palm oil mill waste and included HDPE pipe in the budget. In fact, currently average palm oil mill uses HDPE pipes for heat water disposal lines. Why? We have researched that HDPE Pipe is still more affordable than steel or iron pipe compare to the lifetime and repair or replacement cost. Steel / iron will rust and have shorter lifetime than HDPE Pipe although it have weaknesses in heat. One more reason we found that most of people using HDPE pipe did not really understand what is it and what HDPE Pipe usage is belong to.

We share HDPE pipe weakness article for you just because we want you to know that HDPE Pipe is  only good and have long life term while the pipe usage is accordance with standards.

That is the ugly truth for you who already use HDPE pipe to replace all your sewage pipeline. It is okay to continue using it as long you know the consequence. You may not available to claim back to any manufacture about the lifetime. Good news for you that you are in the right position to claim if any leakage happened cause by the pressure. Decision is still in your hand.

Here are few tips that may help you to extend the lifetime and cover the HDPE Pipe weakness:

  • You can manipulate and increase the HDPE pipe lifetime by buried the pipeline in the soil.
  • Using air valve helping you to reduce the pipe hydro static pressure and increase the lifetime of the pipe.
  • about repairing the leakage or crack, you may use the HDPE repair saddle. Click here

Again, HDPE Pipe is not designed for hot water and sewage disposal pipeline HDPE pipe weakness point is HEAT. HDPE pipe is specially structure is design for clean and pressurized water. If you need a long lifetime HDPE pipe, make sure you know the HDPE Pipe Character, the pipe strength point and also the HDPE pipe weakness.

PT. Sinar Utama Nusantara


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How to choose a good pipe product


How to choose a good pipe product?

Choosing the good pipe for your needs is a simply but most important thing before you make any pipe purchases because this can prevent you from leakage problems and repetitive work with extra cost in the future.

First of all we are giving you basic guideline for you to choose a good pipe product.

1. Well-known brands and the manufacturers background

Choosing a well-known brand is one of the requirement to choose a good pipe product is a must.
Most noteworthy, not all popular brand is producing a good product since nowadays price focus product is more popular than the good product. Take your time googling around while accompanied with coffee to find out information about the product manufacturer.

Certainly, Here is the general characteristic of a good pipe manufacture:

  • Clear and detail address
  • Good after-sales service (only manufacturer with a good pipe product giving after-sales warranty).
  • Long history and experience (approximately 6 – 8 years)
  • Own a focus brand and primary product
  • Have a complex organizational structure

2. Product certificate and Quality management certificate

Furthermore, make sure the manufacture have product certificate and the Quality assurance management system.

  • Certificate of product from local government instance.
    Certainly, Indonesia country using SNI standard as a basic reference of quality products. If a product using SNI logo means it has been legally tested for it’s quality and is under the supervision of the product certification instance (LsPro) Indonesia.
  • Even more, there is a Quality Management System (ISO).
    The existence of an ISO certificate similarly indicates that the pipe manufacturer is focusing on the quality of its products.

Denya nowadays is one of manufacturer who producing a best quality pipe product and fulfilled both of above requirements written.

good pipe - denya logo


uPVC, PPR, HDPE Pipe Manufacturer in Medan, North Sumatera – Indonesia


Above all, Make your own choices and never make decisions based on other people’s opinions and we wish this article is useful for you to choose a good pipe product. For your knowledge, please also read about hdpe pipe weakness.

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Introducing Denya Repair Saddle – easy and simple way to repair your leakage pipe


Pipe leakage in the middle of the project which is hard to reach the site? Only a little leakage and probably nobody want to fix the “tiny” job for the plumber but “big” trouble for you? No more worry!

First of all, We proudly introducing you our latest easy and simple way to repair your leakage pipe. Denya Repair Saddle. Pipe mention is any pipe material such as uPVC, HDPE, PPR, Steel, etc and in any standard (ISO standard, SNI standard, JIS standard).

Denya repair saddle is a best choice to solve your problem. It is specially made and designed based on experiences. The material body is build with a strong structural design and come with special bolt and nut. Denya repair saddle is available up to 500 mm.

PLEASE NOTE!!! With this product you can:

  • Do anywhere and anytime 🙂
  • Need no electricity or generator set required to support the Hdpe welding machine!
  • No special Hdpe welding machine required!
  • Most noteworthy things that you will never waste heavy cost to hire the professional and no more time wasted as a results! Do in minutes in the middle off your site.

Purchasing Denya repair saddle simply mean you are making the right decision to solve probably almost all of  your pipe installation problem wisely without money wasted.

You can just simply watch the video uploaded or visit our YouTube link for more information and tutorial video. (open YouTube and search: DENYA OFFICIAL CHANNEL or click here to be redirect).

If you interested and need more explanation about this product you can directly call our hotline 081362031232 to get more assistance.

Above all, Seems like you already clear about this product and suit to fix your problem? Click here to direct purchase from our Online Store.

Best regards,
PT. Sinar Utama Nusantara
Rizky, Product Designer

PVC pipe grade: White vs Grey


PVC pipe grade: white and gray PVC pipe, which one better?

pvc pipe grade

If you think gray is better, then you are wrong. But if you think white is better, you are not right either. Then which one? The answer is dependent on the manufacturer and the commitment of the pipe manufacturer itself. PVC pipe grade is not depends on its color.

In detail I will explain the meaning of my statement above. As a businessman and Managing Director of one of the leading PVC pipe manufacture in Indonesia I just want to share one of the myths about PVC pipe grade comparison between white and gray PVC pipe.

in general, a quality PVC pipe is PVC pipe with ideal composition. Ideal in the sense of the word contains PVC (poly vinyl chloride) in large quantities, about 80% -95% of the total mixture of the material and the rest is filler and addictive. I will explain about the addictive for PVC in other posts. The more filler the pipe, the lower the quality results.

To determine the color of the pipe, we simply use the color pigment. The color pigment itself is included in one component of what we call addictive. Color pigment has only a very small effect under 5% of the total composition of materials used in processing PVC pipe products. It did not affect the PVC pipe grade.

PVC gray pipe commonly in the processes is mixed with recycled PVC materials because the material will not be visible in gray. In this case, recycled materials can not be mixed on white PVC pipe cause it will damage the whiteness of the pipe. The percentage is depend on the company itself.

The more the recycle material used, the more it decreases the quality of the pipe. This is one reason people think that PVC gray pipe quality is worse than white PVC pipe.

However, that opinion is not always true because in white PVC pipe we can easily add white filler into the material of  PVC white pipe product. You will never find out the difference visually.

We can concluded that the actual PVC pipe grade does not depend on the color, but it depend on the composition of the PVC pipe product examine by the manufacturer of the PVC pipe. They are the one who decide the PVC pipe grade.

For example:
PVC pipe factory Denya produces PVC pipe with two common colors i.e gray and white, with each color having two different product categories.
You can choose between:
– a super-quality white PVC pipe, or a white color with a normal quality on good price and a super-quality gray PVC pipe
– or a gray color with a normal quality on a good price as well.

In the conclusion, we cannot simply judge PVC pipe grade by the color.

Thank you for your time and visit on our site.


Hendra So – Managing director of PT. Sinar Utama Nusantara

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