How to choose a good pipe product

how to choose a good pipe product

How to choose a good pipe product for cost saver

Denya.co.id, Medan – How to choose a good pipe product? Choosing the right pipe for your needs is a simply but most important thing before you make any pipe purchases because it can prevent you from leakage problems and repetitive work and extra cost in the future. First of all, here is a basic guideline from denya manufacturer of hdpe pipe and pvc pipe for you to choose the good pipe product.

1. Well-known brands and manufacturers of a good pipe product

One of the requirement about how to choose a good pipe product is choosing a good brand which trustworthy and well-know brand on it’s line. Most noteworthy, not all popular brand is producing a good product. Make sure you take a minutes to find out information about the product manufacturer.

Characteristics of a good pipe manufacture:
– Clear and detail address
– Good after-sales service
– Long history and experience (approximately 6 – 8 years)
– Own a focus brand and it’s products
– Have a clear organizational structure

2. Product certificate and Quality management certificate

Another requirement about how to choose a good pipe product is: Make sure the product have Quality assurance and certificate of product (SNI) from local goverment instance. Indonesia using SNI standard as a basic reference of quality products. If a product using SNI logo means the product has been legally tested for it’s quality and is under the supervision of the product certification instance (LsPro) Indonesia.

There is a quality management certificate (ISO). The existence of an ISO certificate indicates that the pipe manufacturer is focusing on the quality of its products.

Denya is one of the answer for question about how to choose a good pipe product. Denya is one of a pipe manufacturer that has fulfilled the above requirements. The Denya pipe factory has certificates of SNI and ISO for each of its products sum more have clear address and place and focus on their own products.

Above written is a very base requirement for you to consider in choosing pipe products. How to choose a good pipe product? Make your own choices and never make decisions based on other people’s opinions.
Hopefully this article useful and best regards.

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Introducing Denya Repair Saddle – easy and simple way to repair your leakage pipe


Pipe leakage in the middle of the project which is hard to reach the site? Only one or two leakage and no professional want to fix the “tiny” job for the plumber and “big” trouble for you? No more worry! Today, We proudly introducing you our latest easy and simple way to repair your leakage pipe. Denya Repair Saddle for pipe leakage. Pipe mention is any pipe material (uPVC, HDPE, PPR, Steel, and much more) and in any standard (ISO standard, SNI standard, JIS standard).

Denya repair saddle are best choice to solve your problem. It is made and designed based on the professional experiences, body material is made with strongest structure and come with special bolt and nut. Denya repair saddle available from 110mm up to 500mm.

Do anywhere anytime anyone 🙂
No electricity or generator set required to support the Hdpe welding machine!
No special Hdpe welding machine required!
No more heavy cost to hire the professional!
No more time wasted! do in minutes.

Purchasing Denya repair saddle simply mean you are making the right decision to solve your problem wisely without money wasted.

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Rizky  – Product Designer

PVC pipe grade: White vs Grey


white and gray pvc pipe, which one is better quality?
If you think gray is better, then you are wrong. But if you think white is better, you are not right either. Then which one? The answer is dependent on the manufacturer and the commitment of the pipe manufacturer itself.

In detail I will detail the meaning of my statement above. As a businessman and Managing Director of one of the leading PVC pipe manufacturing plants in Indonesia I just want to share one of the myths about the quality comparison between white and gray PVC pipe.

in general quality PVC pipe is PVC pipe with ideal composition. Ideal in the sense of the word contains PVC (poly vinyl chloride) in large quantities, about 80% -95% of the total mixture of the material and the rest is filler and addictive.
Addictive I will explain in other posts. The more filler the pipe the lower the quality.

To determine the color of the pipe, use the color pigment. The color pigment itself is included in one component of what we call addictive. The conclusion that can be taken is the determination of color has only a very small effect that is under 5% of the total composition of the mixture of materials for the manufacture of PVC pipe products.

Then, for the PVC gray pipe, it is common knowledge in the manufacturing process to be mixed with recycled PVC materials because the material will not be visible in gray. In this case, recycled materials can not be mixed on white PVC pipe cause it will damage the whiteness of the pipe.

The more, the more it decreases the quality of the pipe. This is one reason people think that PVC gray pipe quality is worse than white PVC pipe.

However, that opinion is not always true because in white PVC pipe, we can easily add white filler into the material of making PVC white pipe product. White plus white then you will not know the difference.

It can be concluded that the actual quality of the pipe does not depend on the color, but on the composition of the PVC pipe product manufactured by the manufacturer of the PVC pipe.

For example: PVC pipe factory Denya produces PVC pipe with two common colors i.e gray and white, with each color having two different product categories. You can choose a super-quality white PVC pipe, or a white color with emphasis on price and a super-gray PVC pipe, or a gray color with emphasis at a low price.

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Hendra So – Managing director of PT. Sinar Utama Nusantara