As a company pioneering a lot of trend in the pipe world, we are concerning about the issue that haven’t proved such as non-toxic material and conventional kind of pipe material that can cause disease such as cancer.

We do researching about that but, let’s say it is true. Logically that is not a personal problem. This will be a problem that the whole world have to face and settle. You will not be the first and only one to react and take action. More deeply we have a very shallow logic question for you. If i am using a non-toxic pipe, start from my home, all of my house using non-toxic product. Will i save from the toxic things? For me, personally, i will answered NO. You have to know how is the treatment for the water and where your water come from. So it is save to use the normal conventional pipe? at this moment i will said Nope but no choice. The whole nation have to start together if the issue is proven. Meanwhile, the other people use this reason to conquer the market for private effort. It is better for you to concentrate with other problem who cause cancer such as smoking. We will be the first to start the campaign once that issue proved.



Until now, the strategy has concentrated on the quality products we made. How to distribute to every corner of the country, we need you as our team member to do that all. To distribute means to distribute best quality product with the best price affordable for everyone. While we concentrate research and producing Quality product, you all have to distribute your way perfectly. That is a teamwork that we want to build. Because the formulation to reach the QUALITY AFFORDABLE PRODUCT is simple. Maximum output + Maximum distribution = QUALITY AFFORDABLE PRODUCT.

Once again, we ask for your support in the year ahead.


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