Our HDPE Pipe is a specially designed product with highest density polyethylene grade. Certainly, pipe industry apply this material as a new trend to cover some disadvantages from the conventional pipe material.

We pioneer and manufacture premium quality HDPE pipe which are widely use in underwater, underground, water & gas pipeline, cable ducting, oil & mining pipeline. Our client often use for this pipe for water utility and agricultural applications because our pipe is effectively used in hard terrains, underground or underwater as well as floating pipe applications.

Why we have to choose DENYA HDPE pipe product

There are 3 most important point to produce the best quality product based on our experience.

  • Machinery and technology – We use the latest technology for our extrusion and upgraded continuously
  • Choice of materials – We are using highest grade materials base on international plastic pipe quality standards.
  • Human resources – We hire experts to do all the production process to warranty best quality products for our client.

In conclusion, this principle make our product become a favorite choice.

Certainly we give our clients many choices of PE pipes in many types such as High Density, Medium Density, Low Density depending on their needs. We warranty a low repair cost and proving best after sales product for our client.

Most noteworthy we do provide hdpe pipe equipment, fittings, consultation and pipe installation to support our client projects.

HDPE Pipe Products

hdpe pipe       hdpe pipe welder       hdpe repair saddle

Above all, you can click on the thumbnails to download our hdpe pipe and fittings brochure to learn more about our product.

We also provide free consultation and free training to your worker to use the HDPE welding machine.

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