How to join HDPE Pipe with all kind of pipe material using universal joint

Universal Joint

There are so many way to join the HDPE pipe we can find out on the internet. But when we discuss in more detail about how to do joint with other kind of pipe material, we found that very seldom people discuss about it. As our client frequently ask question, herewith we discuss about universal joint,the way to join HDPE pipe with almost all kind of pipe material.

Commonly there are so many kind to join the HDPE pipe, but since today we founf that only two popular way to do HDPE pipe to other pipe material join. Other pipe material here means kind of PVC pipe, PPR pipe, Steel pipe, Galvanize pipe and some more.

Here is the two popular kind of universal joint:

  • Stub Flange joint
  • Thread joint


Stubflange joint

denya hdpe stubflange

Stubflange joint means flange to flange joint. Using stub end as the flange holder then bolt and nut to lock the joint. Kind of simple joint and very strong joint. Provide stub flange to each end of the pipe. Remember to insert a gasket or rubber packing between the joint before tighten the bolt and nut.

Required: HDPE welding machine, HDPE Stub end, Flange (any material).

This universal joint generally use to join the larger HDPE pipe.(Diameter 160mm up diameter).


Note that there is a one more universal joint called Flange adaptor but sadly this product only cover up to pipe 110mm diameter and below.

denya flange adaptor

Thread joint

universal joint thread joint (1)

HDPE male adaptor – PVC female adaptor

Thread joint is a kind of universal joint which more easier to joint than stubflange joint. Using the PP compression adaptor fitting (both male and female thread adaptor),  We can easily join the HDPE pipe with other pipe material.

Required: Strap belt, PP compression fitting (male or female thread adaptor), PTFE seal tape

People usually use this universal joint for pipe with diameter 110mm and below.



Good news there is an advantage for both of the universal joint. We can easily unlock the joint and re-join it many time.

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