HDPE Pipe VS PVC Pipe, Which one better?


HDPE Pipe VS PVC Pipe is almost everyone’s question in mind when we talk about pipeline installation.

Today we will describe the general character between HDPE pipe and PVC pipe. We post a video which look pretty cute animation about two pipe fighting on the ring. After watching the video we hope that you can understand the different between HDPE Pipe VS PVC pipe. Enjoy and educated!!

PT. Prima Optimasi Indonesia collaborate with PT. Sinar Utama Nusantara making this short video for everybody as an education entertainment. Please enjoy the video.

The main character of HDPE pipe:HDPE Pipe VS PVC pipe

  • light weight (floating on water)
  • easy installation
  • corrosion free
  • elastic
  • raw material is from natural oil

The main character of PVC pipe:

  • cheap
  • easy installation
  • More UV resistant
  • made for pressure water

Click here for the video link.

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