hdpe pipe weakness sample

HDPE Pipe weakness

HDPE Pipe weakness review and how to avoid and repair easily

All of us know that HDPE Pipe is known as a very strong and superior compared to other pipes. Almost nobody giving you information and review about critical point of HDPE pipe weakness. Here we review it for you. These HDPE Pipe weaknesses are:

  • intense exposure to UV light
    the plastic material will be lost in the UV rays from the sun.
  • not for sewage
    since this is one of the hdpe pipe weakness point, the pipe lifetime will never maximal if you use .
  • doesn’t stand high heat

Since 2006, people starts to experiment using HDPE pipe to substitute the iron /steel pipeline to dispose the palm oil waste. HDPE pipes quickly transformed into favorites and get a lot of attention from the palm oil manufacturer rather than uPVC pipe, PPR pipe and other piping product.

Nowadays HDPE Pipe is popular used as a pipeline to flow the palm oil mill waste and included HDPE pipe in the budget. In fact, currently average palm oil mill uses HDPE pipes for heat water disposal lines. Why? We have researched that HDPE Pipe is still more affordable than steel or iron pipe compare to the lifetime and repair or replacement cost. Steel / iron will rust and have shorter lifetime than HDPE Pipe although it have weaknesses in heat. One more reason we found that most of people using HDPE pipe did not really understand what is it and what HDPE Pipe usage is belong to.

We share HDPE pipe weakness article for you just because we want you to know that HDPE Pipe is  only good and have long life term while the pipe usage is accordance with standards.

That is the ugly truth for you who already use HDPE pipe to replace all your sewage pipeline. It is okay to continue using it as long you know the consequence. You may not available to claim back to any manufacture about the lifetime. Good news for you that you are in the right position to claim if any leakage happened cause by the pressure. Decision is still in your hand.

Here are few tips that may help you to extend the lifetime and cover the HDPE Pipe weakness:

  • You can manipulate and increase the HDPE pipe lifetime by buried the pipeline in the soil.
  • Using air valve helping you to reduce the pipe hydro static pressure and increase the lifetime of the pipe.
  • about repairing the leakage or crack, you may use the HDPE repair saddle. Click here

Again, HDPE Pipe is not designed for hot water and sewage disposal pipeline HDPE pipe weakness point is HEAT. HDPE pipe is specially structure is design for clean and pressurized water. If you need a long lifetime HDPE pipe, make sure you know the HDPE Pipe Character, the pipe strength point and also the HDPE pipe weakness.

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